tumblr ruined my life but made it better somehow

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put 100 kids in a room…. kill 10… only 90 kids will remember this

This is fucjed up but amazingly hilarious.

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Eating raw cookie dough in bed. When I said dirty bulk earlier, I meant it.

Anonymous said: Can you post some pics of you before you started working out? I would love to see your progress!

I wish I had decent ones! I’ll try and find some from a Hawaii trip or something! Just try and picture me skinny and a loser!

Am I getting a 200lb club jacket?! dwarvendrummer

Am I getting a 200lb club jacket?! dwarvendrummer

Anonymous said: How have you out on some much weight? What's your plan?

Three words

Dirty. Fuckin. Bulkkkk!

Eat everything in your sight constantly! Today I have consumed
Half a pizza
Half a gallon of milk
5 cups of frosted chirrios
Greek yogurt
1/4th of a box of nilla wafers
A pack of skittles
A half pound cheeseburger
And a protein shake

Eat and you will gain weight! Dirty fuckin bulkkkkk

188 lbs!!! 200 I’m coming for youuuuu! Be there by Christmas! I have put on almost 13 lbs this summer!! And from a starting weight of around 155 I have put on a lot total!


95 Til Infinity.

Anonymous said: Can I have sex with you ?👉👌

My mom said no. Sorry.


RS7 by _dpod_ on Flickr.


RS7 by _dpod_ on Flickr.